Quality Custom Cedar Fencing has been a custom fence builder throughout the Lower Mainland for the last 14 years and has over 2,500 satisfied customers.
We’re changing the face of the fence market in BC. While most companies are building the same tired fence designs, we’ve introduced many new styles–and made improvements in fence construction. Our fences are not only attractive, they’re solid and long-lasting. Small changes in construction don’t have to be costly. At Quality Custom Cedar Fencing, our goal is to make those changes and change the market itself. The fences you’ll see in the next five years will have been brought on by Quality Custom Cedar Fencing. If you’re going to be building a fence, we are a “must see” for an estimate and ideas.

We are not the cheapest fence company but we do give a great price on quality built fences we are also not the most expensive .

Be careful choosing solely on the lowest price . You ultimately get what you pay for—this law of economics has withstood the test of time and continues to live on The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the pleasure of lowprice has been forgotten.Choose carefully, because once you have the finished product you are STUCK with it, and it can cost you much more to have it changed or repaired in the future, than if you had it done right the first time.  A quality product – properly installed – will increase the value of your property.   No need to pay extra for false claims of service that don’t really apply to fencing . If there is a call back we will get there to do it as that has always been how you show integrity .

We have made it easy for “our’ customers to leave a testimonial right on the web page.The testimonials are from our customers and they are not edited.Happy with the work we did? Please leave a testimonial thank you very much.

We’ve done work for some of BC’s biggest builders and many of BC’s great people and families. British Columbians are some of the best people in the world and as such, appreciate quality. And because they know quality, they trust Quality Custom Cedar Fencing time and time again.

At Quality Custom Cedar Fencing, we practice fair market pricing, and guarantee our work in writing.

We accept work anywhere from West Vancouver to Hope British Columbia.


Jeff Delamont

Phone: 604 309 1931
Email: jeff@fencingbc.com