We take the high road we don’t use smear campaigns or smear tactics to get a job we talk about the many things that we do . And we do many extras to make a project long lasting and solid construction . We use coated screws wherever we can and are up on new ideas and construction tips . We are constantly improving at a feverish rate and look to continue too as well . We don’t make false promises to get a job however we do deliver on the industry leading things that we do .
We have survived all the smear campaigns and fake pages by taking the high road and striving for constant improvement building on a solid base of one job one solid customer relationship at a time with a “customers are for life ” approach . While we offer a two year warranty we will answer any call from 4 years or more and see it as an opportunity to get that customer for life . Even in a business where the turnover is 20 yeas plus we believe this is the absolute approach . Reaching a point of absolute maturity and realizing the fun and happy times in this approach . This is not a promise but rather a true mission statement .
Signed Your contractor Jeff Delamont

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Personally its been a treat talking to as many people as I have and I take new ideas and thoughts or wisdom on approaches to business and mine as well . We’ve worked for all walks of life and can see and value those of quality since we all know it takes some work .